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"I am a designer driven by change, new forms and disruption within the fashion industry. Sustainability and responsible practices fuel my passion for creating alternative approaches and proposals in fashion making. HelHelStudio is my playground, the place where I allow myself to experiment and explore new ideas in fashion design and sustainable practices.


My strong conviction and passion for developing alternative approaches that challenge traditional fashion models made me quit my job and continue my training in a place where I could put my own ideas into practice.

For this reason, in 2020-2022 I did the MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear at London College of Fashion (UAL), where I was able to further develop my own work, both conceptually and technically, through investigative and experimental research into a wide range of processes and materials. 

'Sound/Expansion' is my latest project, a zero waste deadstock collection focusing on a new expansive zero waste technique and the force of intuition as design practice, exploring music and sounds and experimenting with invisible and auditory stimuli. The result are garments that look streamlined yet voluminous.

This collection was selected to be presented on the catwalk at London Fashion Week Feb22, having the unique opportunity to close the show. Since then it has been featured in different publications such as 1Granary, Perfect Magazine, Dazed Magazine or NEONYT Fashion Show”.

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