This collection comes from a research based mainly on my own creative process. After several experiments, the work I present here has just been informed by invisible and auditory stimuli, such as music or sound, which are directly connected to emotions and to the idea of intuition as the driving force of design. 
"Sound/Expansion" collection is made of knit and jersey, as these are fabrics that allow me to play with their stretchiness to include them in the idea of expansion, the emotion that was directly linked to the active listening of music in my research process. 
All structures, silhouettes and patterns are built around the figure of the tube, which is modified and expanded to reach new shapes intuitively. In this way, the collection also achieves minimal waste of materials by working with zero waste patterns and, together with the use of deadstock fabrics, results in a collection made up of all sustainable pieces.


Final result 3 copia.jpg